CPF Board – CPF Board asks Singaporeans ‘Are You Ready’ Financially For the Future –

9 October 2011–

As part of its continuing outreach efforts to educate the public on financial literacy and retirement planning, the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board launched its ‘Are You Ready’ initiative today. The ongoing initiative aims to encourage Singaporeans to kick-start their financial and retirement planning through a variety of tools, talks and games.

A set of checklists for each of the four themes – Cash Flow, Healthcare, Housing and Retirement – are available at http://www.areyouready.sg. These were developed in consultation with partners: MoneySENSE, the Association of Financial Advisers, the Financial Planning Association of Singapore, the Life Insurance Association and the Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore. The checklists will help Singaporeans assess their basic financial understanding and readiness for these key financial decisions. Customised tips and resources will help users further improve their financial literacy and understanding towards the importance of building a secure retirement. The checklists are also available island-wide in hardcopy at the five CPF Service Centres, community centres, and public libraries. They will also be distributed at talks organised by the CPF Board. Details of the four themes are in Annex A.

For Singaporeans who prefer offline channels and platforms, the CPF Board has lined up a series of talks in English and Mandarin based on the four themes. More than 100 talks will be organised, reaching out to 30,000 Singaporeans annually. Details of the talks in October 2011 are available in Annex B.

To kick-st

via CPF Board – CPF Board asks Singaporeans ‘Are You Ready’ Financially For the Future – my CPF 2.


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