Insurance and Protection

Let Kara Advisors help you provide the right advises for your savings & protection

Insurance is no longer an unusual product now mainly because the risks in lives we face daily must never be overlooked.

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Everybody needs insurance because of the existing risks in their day-to-day life.  You can easily suffer a financial loss as a result of fire, bad weather, a car accident, the burglary in your house or a thousand other factors.

Risk is present in every aspect of our lives whether you are sitting at home, walking on the road or driving a car.

Insurance cannot prevent these things from happening but can transfer some or all of the financial liabilities to the Insurance Company.

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Insurance can offer protection against the financial consequences of risks because it pools the resources of a large number of people (the insurance premiums) in order to pay for the losses of a few.

Insurance at present covers all aspects of your life, you only need to fully and genuinely share your present financial status and also the future planning with the financial advisors. Only then we can offer you a genuine product that fit your needs.

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