Our Services

Mortgage Loan Singapore I Housing Loan I Refinance

Below are the advices we provide:

  • New Purchase of property and its financing
  • Refinancing of existing loan with bank.
  • Equity Loan or Term Loan
  • Overdraft
  • Safe and short term investments
  • Insurance
  • Savings


Loan Approvals In Principal

Approval in Principal (AIP) is an optional but highly recommended service provided by us F.O.C. Your Option To Purchase (OTP) lasts 14 days. However, the process of getting your home loan officially approved may exceed your OTP period, as banks will conduct a full analysis on your financial credibility to determine your eligibility in financing the loan amount applied for. The AIP gives you a preliminary approval within a day, and ultimately a much needed peace of mind.

This value added service that KaraAdvisors gives you the confidence to proceed with the purchase of your new home.

Existing Mortgage Loan Analysis

If you are wondering about obtaining the lowest home loan interest rates, or frantically sourcing and comparing across the board of banks if this is the best mortgage rate that my existing bank can offer you, allow us to clear your doubts. KaraAdvisors can help you analyze your existing mortgage loan to ensure that your mortgage rates stay value added in your favor, or at the very least competitive within the market. Our advice is given to you without any compensation required. We simply wish to educate and mediate.


Financing of HDB & Private Property

With more than 10 banks and financial institutions, and over 100 mortgage loan options to choose from, it can sometimes be an uphill task to find one that caters to your situation, specifically suiting your financial needs best. Choosing the right mortgage loan can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars yearly. Our scope as brokers is to compare home loans and help our clients find the most suitable financing options.

Term Loan I Equity Loan

KaraAdvisors advices you on how can you cashout (take up a loan secured by your property) and whether it is advisable to do so.

Taking up a loan secured by your private property allows you to have the funds to invest or purchase something you desire at an interest rate much lower than an unsecured loan. e.g, investing into stock markets, commodities or even buying a car.

Overdraft l OD

KaraAdvisors advices you on the purpose of OD and how it should be used.

Having a line of credit (OD) secured by your private property gives you the liquidity to have emergency funds when required. e.g, car accident etc etc

Call us or email us now for further advice on all your financing needs.


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